We have applied again!

With ManagENERGY 2.0 in 100% HTML5, we are again among the applicants for the Environmental Technology Award of the State of Baden-Württemberg 2021.

These new developments in ManagENERGY 2.0 should speak for us:

In Germany alone, ManagENERGY is in use in over 30 feed mills. The knowledge gained from the experiences in these plants and in the work with our customers has shown us that a pure monitoring system in automated production can answer the question “Who consumed or is currently consuming how much? for what? when? why?” exactly, but it does not necessarily answer the core question “How do we reduce the energy demand?”.

In order to actively help with this question with a software solution, the development of Manage Energy 2.0 was started in summer 2019. The objective was to continuously process and evaluate the data into key figures in order to generate energy-efficient operation of the plant in as many areas as possible.

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Every two years since 2009, the Ministry for the Environment, Climate and Energy Management of Baden-Württemberg has awarded the Environmental Technology Prize to innovative environmental technologies that make a significant contribution to resource efficiency and environmental protection.

Companies with their headquarters or branch office in Baden-Württemberg are called upon to submit their products and processes in the categories of energy efficiency, material efficiency, emission reduction, processing and separation, and measurement and control technology, Industry 4.0. As in previous calls for entries, the jury will again select the winner of a special prize.