jobLIGHT – the energy-efficient construction site lighting system

jobLIGHT offers a wide and flexible range of communication and monitoring components as well as intelligent energy management for building operations, which can save considerable amounts of energy and CO2. Benefit from these ecologically and economically sensible effects.

We create project-specific lighting and communication plans for you and deliver ready-to-connect jobLIGHT construction site lighting.

The jobLIGHT MT microtunnelling system combines:

  • Access to external servers and databases as well as the Internet via wireless LAN
  • Telecommunication with the 3cx App
  • Video surveillance
  • Integration of sensors
  • Uninterrupted lighting and emergency lighting
  • Condition monitoring with integrated alarm server

…on the construction site and in the tunnel with its own plug & play installation

Test projects

Test project jobLIGHT MT at the Turku tunnel construction site, Finland

Our intelligent and efficient lighting and communication system jobLIGHT with its innovative solutions will be used as a pilot project on the pipe jacking construction site of Ward & Burke in the summer of 2020 in Finland. In this construction project, jobLIGHT implemented the network infrastructure.

The following points could be tested successfully:

  • An uninterrupted communication on the construction site and throughout the tunnel.
  • Practical use of various devices with voice and video telephony
  • Seamless Internet access on the entire construction & tunnel site
  • Implementation of video-based process monitoring
  • Remote access and maintenance via TeamViewer
  • Performance measurements up to 90Mbits/s via WLAN
  • Condition monitoring with integrated alarm server

APRIL 2021 / B_I Environmental construction / New hardware platform

Successful first deployment for MT.connect

VMT and Jackcontrol, together with the company Atcetera, have developed a tunnel hardware that can be used both for VMT’s surveying services and for Jackcontrol’s monitoring of pipes and pressure transmission rings. The MT.connect platform has now been able to demonstrate its practical suitability.

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Reference projects

Since the pilot project in summer 2020, jobLIGHT MT has so far been successfully used at 7,426 meters

jobLIGHT has been successfully used by "Eurohinca" with 2 drives.
Location:Chile, Choapa, Punta chungo
Project:Los Pelambres, Seawater desalination
Tunnel:1 x 500m
1 x 400m
jobLIGHT was successfully used by "Ward&Burke" with 8 drives.
Client:Ward & Burke
Location:Ontario, GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
Project:Highway 401 Crossing
Tunnel:Length: 293m / Diameter:1,2m
Length: 390m / Diameter:1,2m
Project:Brampton, Mayfield Road
Tunnel:Length: 155m / Diameter:1,35m
Length: 155m / Diameter:1.2m
Projekt:Pickering, Peter Matthews Dr
Tunnel:Length: 330m / Diameter:1,065m
Length: 356m / Diameter: 1,065m
Length: 140m / Diameter:1,065m
Length: 357m / Diameter:1,065m
jobLIGHT was successfully used by "Epping Rohrvortrieb" with 5 jackings.
Client:Epping Rohrvortrieb
Tunnel:Length: 950m
Tunnel:Length: 1250m
Length: 1250m
Tunnel:Length: 450m
Length: 450m

Other clients