Our philosophy

The raising energy prices and the constantly increasing energy need of the growing world population are asking for responsible behavior in industrial production.

We have met this challenge in 2010 by concentrating our know-how in our energy controlling system manage energy. Since then it has established as a steady constant in the market. We are looking at every system disposal as the beginning of a long term partnership with our client.

Since 1999 we are developing and producing electro technical special-purpose solutions for producers of broadcasting station technique up to tunnel boring machines. Our client specific solutions are used by well-established manufacturers in international large-scale projects.

Owing to our experience and our proximity to the processes we have the ability to understand the diverse requirements of our customers. Through this understanding we are able to derive individual concepts to construct devices which are optimizing the respective working environment.

Since 1999 our association with clients, partners and members of staff is affected by long-termed, transparent and sustainable business relations. Within them it is imperative to identify, to promote and to capitalize potentials.

Our offering stands out by its high quality standard, comprising the two major sectors energy efficiency and electrotechnical special solutions. In both areas we can expose established references.

The preoccupation and respectively the planning and realization of energy efficiency creates the fundamental conditions for an environmentally sustainable treatment of resources. Each system disposal of our energy controlling system Manage Energy we are considering as the beginning of a long-term partnership with our client. Due to our innovative developments we are enabling you to significantly reduce energy consumption, save expenses and to protect the environment.      

The atcetera gruppe is member of the export initiative "Energieeffizienz - Made in Germany" (Energy Efficiency - Made in Germany), which has been brought into being by the German government as an exporting initiative for German energy efficiency concepts.

Who aims to achieve and keep a longtime position at the market has to regulate the growing production output in sense of sustainability via qualitative dimensions. The capital expenditure in energy efficiency is a powerful growth engine which increases the long term competitive ability enormously.

By the use of our continuously engineering developments and innovations in the areas of energy efficiency and electrotechnical special-purpose solutions we are perceiving ourselves as modern shapers of a humane economic which is becoming more and more environmentally acceptable and sustainable.

This philosophy is mirrored in our principal office in Malsch, which is located in the heart of the prospering technology region Karlsruhe, one of the most successful and innovative economic centers in Europe.

There we are working in lightly and largely constructed space, which is offering us a lot of room for development. Our workrooms are illuminated energy efficiently by the most modern LED technique, the whole Building was built up by solely usage of ecological building material.

On the 1000 m² roof area an 130 kW photovoltaics is installed, herby we are provided with 100 % regionally produced green electricity. Specialization and increase in ecological and economical sense are going hand in hand in our undertaking because they are presupposing each other. 

Wir sind offiziell nach ISO 9001 Qualitätsmanagement zertifiziert für die Bereiche Schaltschrankbau und Automatisierungstechnik, Energiemonitoring und energieeffiziente Beleuchtungssysteme.


the atcetera gruppe is founded by Ole Neumann as an IT-Consulting undertaking for manufacturing enterprises in industry and commerce. Together with an electronic technician he starts to assemble customer specific industrial PCs for the VMT unit (producer in tunneling) in the basement of a rented house.

start of the freelance work. Parallel to that Ole Neumann has a self-employment agreement as technical leader of Qbit GmbH with focus on soft- and hardware development.

removal to larger office accommodation and inspection bay. Control box and electrical devices assembly becomes further extended.

further enlargement of office accommodation. Ole Neumann quits his self-employment agreement as technical leader of Qbit GmbH to be able to consecrate himself fully to his own company. The impacts of the worldwide economic crisis becomes reflected in tunneling, therefore the necessity of own new engineered products is generated. Because all time signals are pointing at energy efficiency, Atcetera develops the energy controlling system Manage Energy. Within the system know-how and experience of measuring and control technology and soft- and hardware engineering are bundled. 

Manage Energy is positioned at the market and becomes a steady constant within the feeding stuff industry. 

the product range in the sector of energy efficiency becomes widened by industrial LED illuminating solutions.

removal to a new build enterprise building with 1000 m² floor space located in Malsch.

Atcetera is partner in realization of the large-scale project HADES, a tunneling telecommunication system. All enclosure boxes of the HADES project are planned and manufactured by Atcetera Group.

first energy controlling installations in automotive.

The annual turnover exceeds the one million Euro mark.

Entwicklung und Markteinführung des modularen energieeffizienten Beleuchtungssystems "joblight" für den internationalen Baubetrieb.