Our energy monitoring manage energy according to ISO 50001

By implementing an energy management project in your venture our energy controlling system manage energy is providing you tailor-made solutions in conception, establishment and durable realization.

It incorporates existing in-firm systems and structures and is planned and constructed flexibly, so specifically requirements can be individually included and integrated. The system is expandable and upgradable at any time.

The raising energy prices and the constantly increasing energy need of the growing world population are asking for responsible behavior in industrial production. We have met this challenge in 2010 by concentrating our know-how in our energy controlling system Manage Energy.  Since then it has established as a steady constant at the market. At every system disposal we are looking as the beginning of a long term partnership with our costumer.

By establishing an energy management system in your enterprise you will be creating valuable up growth from the inside. Who is intended to take a long term position at the market has to regulate growing production output via qualitative dimensions as defined by environmentally sustainability. 

Energy efficiency input is a powerful growth engine which increases the long term competitive ability enormously. The investment of capital in this sector is highly rewarding by virtue of the short amortization, the numerous positive concomitant effects and the immense growth impulses.

Numbers and data are provided fully automatically, live and at any time. By suitable sensor technology all information about the defined energy and material inventory plus the processes is determined, elected, stored in the database and visualized. Thereby the transparency of the energy flow and the production processes are secured.  Information and details are edited numerically and graphically and can be displayed in scales, diagrams and graphs.

Data can be precisely correlated with each other and be compared with machine and construction manner.  Exactly analysis allow actual-theoretical comparison and the processing of operating figures. Via the transparency the accurate adaption of power consumption and power output to the effective power requirement is made possible at any time.

According to experience energy costs will decrease from 5% up to 10% by the application of the energy controlling system. By generation of an action plan for energy efficiency and the further definition of the energy controlling system 20% up to 25 % can be economized.